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There is little doubt that this movie is very much open to interpretation. There are several possible explanations and in most cases plenty of viewers will love it even though they have no idea what happened. To be honest there can't be many people who completely understood the movie the first time they watched it unless they had some inside knowledge.

The real explanation follows "The Philosophy of Time Travel" and you can read it here. When you follow this explanation there doesn't seem to be any holes in the plot. Every scene makes sense, the story is consistent and the whole movie comes together.

Here are some of the alternative theories.


Dr ThurmanIt is implied in the film that Donnie is a schizophrenic and therefore the film is him going through an episode of his illness. This theory is plausible because every single event could be put down to this. Hallucinations and hearing voices is a schizophrenic trait and could easily explain Frank’s appearance. There is a scene with Donnie’s therapist at the end of the film where she admits to giving Donnie placebo’s as medication for his illness. This would suggest that he in fact never was a schizophrenic. For me Richard Kelly put the idea of Donnie being schizophrenic into the movie deliberately as a red herring. It's an easier alternative theory that allows first time viewers to still enjoy the movie.


Frank in the cloudsThe whole movie was a dream theory is of course possible but ultimately pointless. When he goes to sleep on October 2nd at the beginning of the movie he dreams this mystical adventure just before he gets smooshed by jet engine.

The obvious hole in this theory is why do the first few minutes of October 2nd happen twice? An easy theory to enjoy maybe for the first watch but why would the director create this amazing magical alternative Universe theory and then just make it all out to be a dream?

Donnie Is Shown the Future

The Ghost Of Christmas FutureThis is quite a popular theory. It portrays Frank as a kind of Ghost of Christmas Future character who saves Donnie and then either shows him or allows him to live the next 28 days of his life. At the end Donnie returns back to October 2nd and now has the opportunity to choose his own fate.

So many bad things happened in those 28 days including his girlfriend getting killed and Donnie becoming a killer himself that he decides to stay in bed at the end of the film to sacrifice himself for the good of others. By dying he saves Frank, Gretchen and his mother and sister from a plane crash.

Unfortunately this theory asks more questions than it answers:

  • Why is Frank giving Donnie this choice?
  • Why does he tell Donnie to Flood the school and burn down Jim Cunningham’s house?
  • Why does Frank appear as a dead version and an alive version?
  • Why does “The Philosophy Of Time Travel” appear in the story?
  • How does the unexplained jet engine figure in the story?

The biggest weakness in this theory is the fact that Donnie is shown or lives out a completely different future from what would normally have happened. Most of the events only happen because we are within a Tangent Universe.

  • Frank gets Donnie to flood the school which means Donnie walks Gretchen home.
  • Frank gets Donnie to burn down Cunningham's house which leads to the party
  • Donnie rips the engine off the plane his mother and sister are on

None of these things would happen in the real world. What's the point in Donnie being shown an alternate future and then given the choice to live or die based on events that wont happen?

There are just too many plot flaws with this theory. It just doesn't work and there are virtually no scenes in the movie to back it up.

The Looping Tangent Universe

Carpathian Ridgehere is a theory out there that follows The Philosophy of Time Travel but with one major change. The idea is that every 28 days the Tangent Universe collapses, then loops back round to October 2nd and starts over again. Basically the Tangent Universe is a repeating time-loop that will continue until Donnie is successful in returning the jet engine into the Primary Universe. The film is Donnie's first successful attempt at returning the jet engine and there have been several failed attempts before.

This explanation can be read at One of the reasons this theory is so popular is it usually comes up on the first page of google if search for a Donnie Darko explanation.

I don't think this idea follows The Philosophy Of Time Travel accurately enough. The Tangent Universe only lasts for several weeks before it collapses and destroys the whole Universe. If it looped back round every time then the Universe wouldn't be in danger.

This theory seems to hinge on only a few pieces of the movie. The main basis of this theory is that Donnie wakes up on the mountain laughing at the beginning of the film. He's laughing as if he remembers something from the previous Tangent Universe loop.

Now the major flaw there is Donnie wakes up on the mountain on October 1st yet the Tangent Universe doesn't start until midnight on October 2nd. Why would time loop round to before the start of the Tangent Universe? Another thing is wouldn't you find it a little amusing if you woke up half way up a mountain. Surely that is a better explanation for him laughing.

Another huge flaw in this theory is if it was true the Universe would never be in any danger. Everytime Donnie failed the 28 days would just restart. This goes completely gainst the PoTT and makes the whole thing quite pointless.

Another point in this theory is the characters like Mrs Pomeroy, Grandma Death, Dr. Thurman all seem to have some kind of inside knowledge and a sense of what's going, like they have done this before. Well yes they do but not because they have done this several times before, it's because they are the Manipulated Living. There behaviour may be irrational or bizarre as they are trying to guide the Living Receiver to return the Artifact. They subconsciously behave in the necessary way in order for Donnie to succeed.

October 28th 2014 | 16:28:42

Awesome Frank the Bunny Poster

Colonel Sanders
October 26th 2014 | 4:40:13

I'm too drunk to taste this chicken

October 21st 2014 | 13:37:16

frank is a bunny lol

Ho man
October 4th 2014 | 3:53:56

I'm too young to get into this theory of tangential stuff.

Still thank you very much for at least guiding me to the right direction of figuring out where to put all the pieces together.

October 1st 2014 | 22:19:28

I really need to learn to proofread before posting comments. Second sentence is supposed to be: "The movie begins with Donnie waking up in the middle of a golf course, having sleepwalked there the night before. This is before the TU has formed, and before the jet engine falls on the house."

Not sure what the hell I was smoking to make 90% of that phrase disappear but oh well.

October 1st 2014 | 22:16:00

For those asking, Donnie's probably on pills before the film because he legitimately is a paranoid schizophrenic. Even before the TU begins the day before the jet engine falls on the house; before the TU has even formed. He's experiencing symptoms of the disease prior to the events of the movie actually occurring. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is still largely misunderstood today, but in the time period of the film, was largely thought to be complete BS. Probably why his psych put him on placebos to see if that'd get him to stop 'pretending' to be ill, and why she gets so panicked towards the end of the film, calling Donnie's parents as she realizes that he is legitimately sick and in danger of doing harm to himself because of the hyper-realistic audio-visual hallucinations and disassociation from the self that the disease is known for.

October 1st 2014 | 11:37:24

why is donnie on medicaton in the first place?

October 1st 2014 | 11:36:51


September 5th 2014 | 12:08:48

Schizophrenics are venerated as holy men in many cultures. They see the world differently than normal people but there is some evidence that they may see certain things more clearly (and more correctly) than those of us who are limited by top-down processing. Just because we define them as "crazy" doesn't mean that they can't see a world that does in fact exist. Determining what is and is not solely through near-consensus is not a perfect science.

Schizophrenia doesn't mean the movie had no point, it's only because Donnie has the power to see the spiritual world that he gets his answer to his letter to Grandma Death which is the point of the movie. What is the meaning of life? What happens when this world comes to an end? Perhaps the entire movie is a dream in which Donnie is time travelling and speaking with the dead and coming to terms with his impending doom which he shouldn't, by normal standards, be privy to. But if schizophrenia gives Donnie real psychic powers, then it all makes perfect sense and "it was all a dream" becomes something meaningful and powerful instead of rendering everything meaningless and benign.

September 4th 2014 | 0:25:57

So just watched for the first time and have been reading some explanations. I'd like to throw this idea in the mixing pot. I feel that the TU is indeed part of a looping alternative universe, the TU must be at the very start of the movie, possibly before (Frank says he's been watching him and Donnie has already had treatment/psychotherapy) the start. Maybe the 'End of the universe' isn't an end at all but a warning of the looping? (A looping universe is a pretty useless one!). Grandma death (possibly others) have also experienced the TU loop but have managed to get out if it. Furthermore the 'End of the universe' is thus just the end of Donies universe as he will forever be stuck in TU loop with its terrible events. This may explain why he wakes laughing at the end as he knows he isn't in the TU anymore and therefore isn't trapped (death seeing you free).

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